Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tired but Angry

Please, feel free to take a moment to play the above video.  Read the words.  If I have muted and/or told you to go fuck off recently, then please watch the video 5 times, and take EVERY damn word to heart.

I am very, very tired from being sick for 2 months from a severe colon issue that my RL husband and I are treating, along with (apparently) a stomach flu that I seemed to have picked up, so my energy levels are just about nil.  Apparently my tolerance for bullshit is a little lower than that.

Let me explain to everyone ELSE why.

I recently married (in Second Life) one of the most wonderful, loving, caring, friendliest, positive people I have EVER met in Second Life. I have never officially married anyone in SL under this avvie (I am still married both in RL and my first avatar to the same man since 2006), and even though before him I thought I had a decent partner, when James and I met, the chemistry and perfect meshing of personalities was so phenomenal that even people who really saw us together KNEW it was meant to be.  My RL husband gave full permission for me to ask James to accept the gift of my submission (yes, OMG, I am a sub....a RL one to boot), gave full permission for him to marry me. I have never been so fucking happy in SL like I have been in the last 4 months, especially the last 2 weeks.

So why am I spitting nails so much and muting people and removing them from my Facebook and such?

Because some of you people are some of the most bigoted, closeminded, egotistical, jealous little fuckers ever to crawl from the dark little cold recesses of cyberspace.  Really...  REALLY, I just said that.  

Because the man I chose to call my forever-SL-partner is black and my dominant.  

Yes, seriously.  There are people out there who NOT only have an issue with the fact that I am a white girl married to a black man in SECOND LIFE, but also that I wear a collar that he is the owner on (actually, co-owner.. I am first owner for practical reasons).  Because I am having prim babies with him.... because he and I like to see me growing with (roleplayed) life that we "created out of love".

One of you had an issue with a PHOTO that was done during a video that my SL husband made for his birthday, where there was a (non-roleplayed, porn movie) reverse gangbang in which 6 blondes, a brunette, and several redheads gave themselves sexually to James as "presents" for his birthday, during which a t-girl and a hermaphrodite joined in with screwing the girls, and at the end all of us girls (I was in the movie too) knelt down classic-money-shot-style and took loads from James, the tgirl, and the hermaphrodite.  Would you like to know what the issue with the photo was?  The fact that a black man was cumming on 6 blonde girls.  The person completely ignored the fact that 1) it was an SL porn movie, 2) no REAL sex happened (SL porn movie), 3) 2 other people were cumming on the blonde girls, 4) there were more than blondes there.

Two people thought it was a great idea to write to me and comment on a Gorean quote in my husband's profile.  We are not Gorean, but I do enjoy sitting at his feet during my private time.  It is more of a "treasured pet" moment for us, a way I show my adoration and my gift of submission to him.  The gift I give him means more to him than anything else I have given him (other than me taking his last name as my own).  If you actually KNEW James, instead of just taking a line from his profile and JUDGING him by it, you would know that he is not the control freak you stupidly labeled him to be.

You sanctimonious little pricks.  Seriously, you have an issue with what I do with MY life?  You have an issue with who I chose to get married to?  Understand this..... I am VERY happy, I am LOVED, I am CHERISHED....  that man that you have insulted TO MY FACE is the best thing to happen in my Second Life, because he actually loves me so much that he would move heaven and earth to make me happy both in SL and RL.... and you have the gall to speak to me with those words.  Maybe you need to re-evaluate your own lives and discover why you feel the need to try to put a cloud over my happiness and put down a man that is loved by everyone who actually takes 10 minutes to get to actually know him as a person, not for his skin colour or his choice of entertainment on SL (the porn/photography) or his choice of relationship with me.

I DO hope that some of them read this.  OH and to the person who keeps talking in public about how my marriage is not going to last.....  you don't think your words don't come back to me in some form or another?  Seriously.....  green is not a good color on you.  Work at figuring out your life, and if I keep hearing bullcrap like that, you are going to be one less friend on this earth.

Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest.... I hope I can sleep.

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