Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best SL Day Ever (in my eyes)

Those of you who know me, know that I do not lead a normal SL life.  I live for the naughty moments, I thrive to wring every single drop of sex out of my SL life as I can, because that is how I want to live it.  Not because I am lacking of it IRL, but because I LOVE sex.  The artform, the energies, the wave of pleasure I feel when I KNOW that my playmate is REALLY at the cusp of cumming....  just... all of it:)
So it's no big surprise I have been wanting to get into the porn industry in SL for awhile.  I made one dorky little film by myself with the advice of some dear friends, and got quite a few good reviews on it.  Piece of Shit Car was a little voiceover comedy solo porn I made of myself that I am kinda still proud of.  282 views in a month, 4.72 stars (7 votes).  I am in talks with a better porn director/producer/filmographer (not sure of her title, just threw it all in there) for filming a script I came up with that I really would like to see done...  should be fun:)

But, back to today....  I normally am only on SL from 5pm-5am SLT Sunday-Friday, but with the meds I have been on, my sleep patterns are completely fucked with the naps I am taking all over the place.  So I stayed up to spend time with a friend and surprise that person:) I woke up about 5 am SLT to find out that a pic of mine was posted on The Pornstars Gallery!  Now, I have been on there a couple times from other people taking pics of me, but this was special, because not only was I the photographer, but that is one of the poses I created and the models in the picture helped by letting me throw them around and manipulate them for over an hour (LOVE you, Jewell, Elle, and Lasga!).  So, it made my morning seeing something I made be noticed and appreciated in a place I admire:) It's okay, Serenity and Emmanuelle,  I have you on that pedestal so I can look up your skirts;)

Shortly after posting that excited news all over creation (Facebook, Pornstar group, several friends that are probably rolling their eyes at me still), there was a casting call for SecondPorn Productions.  Now, as I said before, I did that one little piece, but it's not the same as working with someone whose been doing this for awhile, and keeps it professional during the shoot.  Thank you, Lorenz, for being that professional.  You understood I dressed in a hurry to get to the audition, you kindly pointed out areas I needed help in (thankfully for both of us, I am also a builder and have worked with jewelry...LOL  editing hair is a bitch).  to put it bluntly, my devirginization of my pornstar cherry was done well, gently, and I left wanting to do more.  LOL! So, for those wanting to see them, follow this NM link or this SLPornTube link.

I left there, spent some time with one friend, worked some poses for my upcoming hunt, Hunt for Your Inner Slut, did a photoshoot with a good friend, and spent time with my friend I had been waiting for (and if he reads this..  I am still smiling;D ).  And yes, when I am done editing the pictures from the photoshoot, I will be using THIS blog to post them, since my Flickr is overfull (mah broke ass ain't going pro...LOL).

I figured this was a good beginning post for this new blog.  Seriously, it gives you an idea of what I will be doing with it...  posting what I do, photoshoots I work with when I can, poses I am working on, porn stars I want to work you get the gist of it.

Lusty Regards,


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