Monday, December 24, 2012

The Chamber - a personal review

I would like to say up front that this is a personal review of an SL new hotspot.  I frequent alot of adult locations on Second Life, and this place was recommended by several people who have higher-end tastes.  As I have been looking for several new places to enjoy the finer things on SL (like decent emote sex/cybersex done by nice-looking avatars), I checked it out.

Now, I have been a member there for a couple months by this time, and visited at least 5 times (after paying the 300L membership fee for the group that you have to be in to go up into the rooms), so this isn't a "one time visit, rush out and write a blog post" review.  I truly hope that IF the management/employees read this, they understand all that and take it as such:)

The Chamber Society is a "secret sex society themed-hangout in a vintage hotel room" to "meet like-minded individuals for erotic chat, sexual encounters, roleplay or to just hang out." Just reading those words at the beginning made me happy. Walking through the lower areas, which are open to the public (lobby and cafe area with an lounging section inside the building, beachside wharf and party area outside) made my eyes happy.  I mean, seriously happy.  I love, adore, crave a beautiful build with gorgeous decor, and this place has it in spades.  And yes, I am going to show pictures.  You know why?  Because I really feel that people need to see what a beautifully-done place looks like. I feel some people need to see what they are getting for 300L membership.  It's very worth it, just for the photogenic quality, the beauty, the absolute tastefulness that was put into it.  The furniture is top of the line, the decor really feeds into the sensuality that I feel the owners were going for.

Those are the pros of the place.  

Now, for the cons:

The regulars there seem to generally be unfriendly... and this is not just my opinion, but that of all 5 of the people who approached me in IM, looking for companionship while there.  They were surprised that I actually responded back, in fact.  I don't know how long the place has been running, but I don't think it's been running long enough for the place to become that cliquish yet.  Not much the owners can do about this, but 

They have made the 300L group, which they are using for group notices, employee info only, and then a separate group for member conversation only.   I don't really understand the reasoning for this, considering they have to correct people 30 times a day for chatting in the paid group, but there aren't that many notices/announcements going out on the paid group.  I haven't joined the chat group for the simple fact that, as a business woman/DJ/stripper/aspiring pornstar, I already am maxed out on my 42 groups and am constantly having to turn down group offers (mostly in regards to my  I know majority of people I know are maxed.  How about just sticking with the one group so you don't stress out having to tell people to chat in the other group?  I would really love if more places would just stick to one group for the members.

Honestly though, there are more pros than con to being a member of this establishment, and I hope to have alot more enjoyable times there.. I might have to bring my own lovers as I go, but so far, I know this is the kind of place I could see myself spending more time.


Back bedroom in the Lounge



Dining room (back area with more seating)


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Search Party

You touched my tongue 
With yours - blending buds, 
Kindling minds, racing worlds, 
Unifying two lovers - one body.

Tongues wrestled violently, 
Fluidly, in fluid - 
Juice flowed, fluidity rousing -
Endorphin storms erupted;
Hearts raged, blood gorged
Cock, clit, tit.

Search-party hands
- desperate -
Found their feelings,
Feeling up, squeezing, sliding,
Rubbing, working, fingers fiddling.

Lungs breathed - sighing, rushing,
Panting, huffing, heaving
- ciliated turmoil.
Hearts worked harder,
Forcing blood torrents;
Whirlpool minds raced,
Blinded, careless, caring, daring.

Clothes faded, cast out - jetsam.
Skin flesh moulded, melded -
Oh to split! for
Inner flesh wanted in.

Pulses pounded,
Rounded mounds flirted nipples
At the lips;
Phallus begging, forcing, pushing,
Ripples crossing skin dunes
Under shudders:
The Quake of Coming - coming -

We came.
We found.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

Monday, November 26, 2012

Protips on being with Suff

Just a little video to set the mood for this

As most of you have noticed/guessed, I am very sexually active in SL.  I am, by nature, a poly-amorous woman, but I try not to get too "involved", because I never want to hurt someone.
This week I learned something... I DID hurt someone.  Someone I consider a friend, who I might not have explained things well enough to.  I am hoping I don't lose my friendship with this person, because he does mean alot to me. It hurts ME to know I hurt someone else, because of my inabilities to explain why I do things as I do.
I am REALLY not a complex person, but I am realizing that maybe I do need to put the general rules somewhere public, so I can refer people to them. Maybe I can keep from hurting people accidentally, if I explain it out?  Not sure, but it's worth a try. 

First and Foremost..... I am a woman with some common sense rules.  Kinda look at it as being this:  I am "one of the guys", but with tits and a pussy.  I won't get jealous, I won't play mindgames, I won't try to marry your ass, I won't try to get you to buy me shit... I just want to hang out, and have mindblowing sex and then go back to hanging out. It's not that difficult to figure out:)

1) RL comes first, ALWAYS. 
My highest loyalty and devotion belongs to only one person, and that is my RL husband.  Some of you have heard the story of how we met (we dated on SL for a year before I moved thousands of miles to live with him), which is only one of the MANY reasons my whole heart and soul belong to him.  I will never leave him, I will never do ANYTHING to cause him heartache because of something I did.  He is my everything, my reason for still breathing, mon cœur (my heart). And he knows and approves of my SL playtime, as my having this kind of lifestyle online enhances our marriage, and gives me a social life I cannot have IRL due to funds/distance.
Only one other person do I say "I love you" to on a regular basis, and that is my SL wifey/best friend, Trixianna/Nina.  No, she is not listed as my partner, because she is partnered to HER RL fiance/SL hubby, Ayrx/Max. 

2) SL is Stress Relief, Not Stress-Inducing.
IRL, I have a low immune system due to years of my not taking care of myself, my health going downhill, and my being abused for many years before I was rescued and turned my life around. Because of this, drama and stress actually CAUSE me to get sick IRL, both physically and mentally.  This is why you will notice that I don't stick around if drama starts.
This is also why I will back away from you if you start actively dating someone who has shown him/herself capable of jealousy and drama if they find out you are having sexual relations with me also.  YOU might get a kick out of sneaking around, but it makes ME uncomfortable, especially if she's made comments about what would happen if she finds out you are cheating on her.  In the words of the always wise Homey D. Klown, "I don't think so... Homey don't play dat!".

3) What Kind of Sex I Like
This is a bit confusing for some, especially since it really depends on my mood.  But for the most part, I can tell you this:

  • I don't do Master/slave shit.  I am slightly submissive, but more in the role of a "pet", not a slave. Try to humiliate me, my eyebrow will raise at you and I will ask you to repeat your words, not because I didn't understand, but because I am giving you time to back the fuck up and reword that shit. Only one person owns me, that is my RL hubby.  Yes, I have a RL collar, which only goes on during playtime.  I will NOT be collared/branded/marked in SL.  I will accept jewelry, however.. as long as it is pretty:D
  • I don't do black stud/white slut roleplaying.  I consider it prejudice and racial, and I don't do anything that implies humiliation to myself, or insults one's race. Besides, most of the people playing the aggressive black male avatars on SL are really Caucasian men trying to be something they don't understand.  I have lived in the ghettos, boys...  I know how black guys act, and most of them would kick your ass if they saw you behaving like that.
  • I like both hot, slow, sensual sex.... and rough, hairpulling, sore-for-days sex.  If you can't tell my mood by the way we type to one another, ask me.  Ask me what kind of sex I am in the mood for today.  I will tell you.  In detail. Especially if I want to do THAT with YOU.
  • I LOVE cybersex/emoting.  I love full sentences where you tell me what you want to to do with my body, how you want to run your tongue down my neck and kiss your way to my nipples, how you want to bite/lick/suck them, how you want to grab my hair and push me down between your legs while a groan escapes from your lips...  I LIKE THAT.  The words are what make me orgasm.  The poseballs are there merely to give us inspiration and guidance on the words coming from our desire and directed through our fingers.  TELL ME HOW YOU WANT TO FUCK ME.  It's not difficult, you don't have to be a novelist, just write in words what you would do to me if I were in front of you right then, in the position that our avatars are in.  Believe it or not, the hotter that you make me, the more intense and hot my words will be back to you. 
  • In regards to cybersex/emoting.....  I sometimes have a hard time between 1st person/2nd person (meaning I will say "I" and "me" and "my", instead of "she" and "her").  I prefer 1st person (I, me, my, you, your) because in the way I am feeling, I am having sex with YOU through your avatar.
  • My "hard limits" (things I will never do) are pretty firm.  No furry, no interspecies, no scat, no pee, no ageplay, no humiliation, no no extreme pain.  I am ALMOST "vanilla", but not quite.  
4) I Have Favorites
Whether these people become known to others as my lovers is up to them, but they know who they are... well, my wifey knows most of their names, because if I become sick or something, I need someone to let them know if I am going to be off SL for awhile.
The way to become a favorite is not a competition, it's just that these particular people GET me.  I check my SL friends' list when I log on to see if they are on... I smile when I see their name...  my knees go weak when they send me an IM telling me what they would like to do with me.  You get the idea.  They understand that jealousy is not allowed, they know they are all sharing me and that they can see whomever they wish.  I am there for them, they are there for me.  It's the ultimate friends with benefits for me.  
One of them is my absolute favorite... and only he knows who he is.  He didn't win some competition to get there, I am just the most comfortable with him both in bed and out of it.  And no, I ain't telling you his name:)

5) Jealousy is a disease....
The one thing that I will not allow near me, is jealousy.  It kills relationships, both loving and friendly.  If you have an issue with jealousy, I am not, I repeat NOT, the lover for you.  I am open and honest from the beginning.... I won't choose just one, and I won't stop playing with someone JUST because you don't like them or they did something in the past that you don't agree with.  
If I feel you are showing the mannerisms of a jealous person, I will call you out on it... and if it continues, I will tell you that playtime is over.  We can still be friends if you want to, but you will love funtime, if you get my meaning.

I can't think of what else to put here now.. maybe I will add onto it someday.  I sound a little demanding in some ways, but these are also a version of the rules I use for RL swinging friends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best SL Day Ever (in my eyes)

Those of you who know me, know that I do not lead a normal SL life.  I live for the naughty moments, I thrive to wring every single drop of sex out of my SL life as I can, because that is how I want to live it.  Not because I am lacking of it IRL, but because I LOVE sex.  The artform, the energies, the wave of pleasure I feel when I KNOW that my playmate is REALLY at the cusp of cumming....  just... all of it:)
So it's no big surprise I have been wanting to get into the porn industry in SL for awhile.  I made one dorky little film by myself with the advice of some dear friends, and got quite a few good reviews on it.  Piece of Shit Car was a little voiceover comedy solo porn I made of myself that I am kinda still proud of.  282 views in a month, 4.72 stars (7 votes).  I am in talks with a better porn director/producer/filmographer (not sure of her title, just threw it all in there) for filming a script I came up with that I really would like to see done...  should be fun:)

But, back to today....  I normally am only on SL from 5pm-5am SLT Sunday-Friday, but with the meds I have been on, my sleep patterns are completely fucked with the naps I am taking all over the place.  So I stayed up to spend time with a friend and surprise that person:) I woke up about 5 am SLT to find out that a pic of mine was posted on The Pornstars Gallery!  Now, I have been on there a couple times from other people taking pics of me, but this was special, because not only was I the photographer, but that is one of the poses I created and the models in the picture helped by letting me throw them around and manipulate them for over an hour (LOVE you, Jewell, Elle, and Lasga!).  So, it made my morning seeing something I made be noticed and appreciated in a place I admire:) It's okay, Serenity and Emmanuelle,  I have you on that pedestal so I can look up your skirts;)

Shortly after posting that excited news all over creation (Facebook, Pornstar group, several friends that are probably rolling their eyes at me still), there was a casting call for SecondPorn Productions.  Now, as I said before, I did that one little piece, but it's not the same as working with someone whose been doing this for awhile, and keeps it professional during the shoot.  Thank you, Lorenz, for being that professional.  You understood I dressed in a hurry to get to the audition, you kindly pointed out areas I needed help in (thankfully for both of us, I am also a builder and have worked with jewelry...LOL  editing hair is a bitch).  to put it bluntly, my devirginization of my pornstar cherry was done well, gently, and I left wanting to do more.  LOL! So, for those wanting to see them, follow this NM link or this SLPornTube link.

I left there, spent some time with one friend, worked some poses for my upcoming hunt, Hunt for Your Inner Slut, did a photoshoot with a good friend, and spent time with my friend I had been waiting for (and if he reads this..  I am still smiling;D ).  And yes, when I am done editing the pictures from the photoshoot, I will be using THIS blog to post them, since my Flickr is overfull (mah broke ass ain't going pro...LOL).

I figured this was a good beginning post for this new blog.  Seriously, it gives you an idea of what I will be doing with it...  posting what I do, photoshoots I work with when I can, poses I am working on, porn stars I want to work you get the gist of it.

Lusty Regards,