Sunday, December 9, 2012

Search Party

You touched my tongue 
With yours - blending buds, 
Kindling minds, racing worlds, 
Unifying two lovers - one body.

Tongues wrestled violently, 
Fluidly, in fluid - 
Juice flowed, fluidity rousing -
Endorphin storms erupted;
Hearts raged, blood gorged
Cock, clit, tit.

Search-party hands
- desperate -
Found their feelings,
Feeling up, squeezing, sliding,
Rubbing, working, fingers fiddling.

Lungs breathed - sighing, rushing,
Panting, huffing, heaving
- ciliated turmoil.
Hearts worked harder,
Forcing blood torrents;
Whirlpool minds raced,
Blinded, careless, caring, daring.

Clothes faded, cast out - jetsam.
Skin flesh moulded, melded -
Oh to split! for
Inner flesh wanted in.

Pulses pounded,
Rounded mounds flirted nipples
At the lips;
Phallus begging, forcing, pushing,
Ripples crossing skin dunes
Under shudders:
The Quake of Coming - coming -

We came.
We found.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2010

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