Monday, December 24, 2012

The Chamber - a personal review

I would like to say up front that this is a personal review of an SL new hotspot.  I frequent alot of adult locations on Second Life, and this place was recommended by several people who have higher-end tastes.  As I have been looking for several new places to enjoy the finer things on SL (like decent emote sex/cybersex done by nice-looking avatars), I checked it out.

Now, I have been a member there for a couple months by this time, and visited at least 5 times (after paying the 300L membership fee for the group that you have to be in to go up into the rooms), so this isn't a "one time visit, rush out and write a blog post" review.  I truly hope that IF the management/employees read this, they understand all that and take it as such:)

The Chamber Society is a "secret sex society themed-hangout in a vintage hotel room" to "meet like-minded individuals for erotic chat, sexual encounters, roleplay or to just hang out." Just reading those words at the beginning made me happy. Walking through the lower areas, which are open to the public (lobby and cafe area with an lounging section inside the building, beachside wharf and party area outside) made my eyes happy.  I mean, seriously happy.  I love, adore, crave a beautiful build with gorgeous decor, and this place has it in spades.  And yes, I am going to show pictures.  You know why?  Because I really feel that people need to see what a beautifully-done place looks like. I feel some people need to see what they are getting for 300L membership.  It's very worth it, just for the photogenic quality, the beauty, the absolute tastefulness that was put into it.  The furniture is top of the line, the decor really feeds into the sensuality that I feel the owners were going for.

Those are the pros of the place.  

Now, for the cons:

The regulars there seem to generally be unfriendly... and this is not just my opinion, but that of all 5 of the people who approached me in IM, looking for companionship while there.  They were surprised that I actually responded back, in fact.  I don't know how long the place has been running, but I don't think it's been running long enough for the place to become that cliquish yet.  Not much the owners can do about this, but 

They have made the 300L group, which they are using for group notices, employee info only, and then a separate group for member conversation only.   I don't really understand the reasoning for this, considering they have to correct people 30 times a day for chatting in the paid group, but there aren't that many notices/announcements going out on the paid group.  I haven't joined the chat group for the simple fact that, as a business woman/DJ/stripper/aspiring pornstar, I already am maxed out on my 42 groups and am constantly having to turn down group offers (mostly in regards to my  I know majority of people I know are maxed.  How about just sticking with the one group so you don't stress out having to tell people to chat in the other group?  I would really love if more places would just stick to one group for the members.

Honestly though, there are more pros than con to being a member of this establishment, and I hope to have alot more enjoyable times there.. I might have to bring my own lovers as I go, but so far, I know this is the kind of place I could see myself spending more time.


Back bedroom in the Lounge



Dining room (back area with more seating)


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