Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream Cum True

I have had many dreams in my life..  some of which will never come true, in either life... but I think I have led a pretty eventful life in both my worlds.

In Second Life, I have held so many roles... from being a wedding minister (yes, stop laughing... been doing online weddings on various games since 1994...on SL, mostly on another name), a Slingo manager (Not those lame ass solo games, but what we called Devil May Care and Zynga back in the old days), a hostess, a DJ, a builder, a photographer, a stripper, an escort for one failed attempt so far...LOL.......

But my dream for the last 3 years has been different than most peoples.. I have actually wanted to become a porn actress in Second Life.. in fact, I talked about it back in November on my other blog, Classy Sluts, taking pics of the location below....

The difference between that day, and today.. is that that dream is coming true.  Slowly but surely, I am getting into the kind of work I want to do.  My ultimate goal: SL porn movies with plot, a deep storyline, actual voiceover work with acting.

Today.. today I got that star I have been wishing for;)  I got my star on the Pornstar Walk.  Now, before anyone screams about me getting one before them, or that I haven't been in enough movies, or some other negative comment like I expect to hear either whispered or said out loud....  the stars on this walk are for people who have acted in an Erotique video.  This is not REALLY a status thing, but Club Erotique's way of honoring those who have acted in their films.  And I had just a little part in her last one, Vibrations in Time (here's the blog about it on Pornstar's Blog ) as the news reporter towards the end (GO SEE IT, I AM CLOTHED!!!)

So here are a couple pics of the stars for the Erotique actors/actresses, along with a couple of mine;)

Yes, I am proud.... and happy:)  This made me SO proud:)

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