Friday, May 10, 2013

Visiting the Flux-Clarity Home

Hi everyone:)  This COULD possibly be the tamest post ever from me, but I decided, I might as well update my blog with something pretty;)

I made a friend awhile back by the name of Rico Flux-Clarity...  absolutely sweet guy, one of the few models in SL who IS a fashion model, not just someone using the tag to get free clothes (yes, I am one of those who rolls my eyes when most people say "I am an SL model"  He was heading a project called Stand4Love that I got to give a few photos in support of:)  Through him, I met his lovely husband, Editorial Clarity, who  is a blogger (check out Love to Decorate) and one of the most amazing decorators in SL that I have ever met.

Today, he opened up his home for viewing (he does this once and awhile after he finishes redoing their home, because they love to share their love of designing with the rest of us), and I ran over as soon as I could to get a couple pics of the outside, and hoping I can take some pics of the inside and the garden tomorrow;)  Yes, Edi, I know I didn't get the secret garden.. I gotta come properly dressed tomorrow for that;)

He did a writeup with information about the home and build at this link, so if you want to check it out, hurry over while you can!  His pictures of the place are much better than mine, but I still think I got some good shots:)

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