Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pornstar Rant

Oh boy, it's been FOREVER since I wrote on here!  Oh don't you worry your pretty little head off about it, this one MIGHT help make up for some time.

Lately I have had a few things that have been making my brain itchy, which has been making my fingers twitchy, but I don't say anything at the time, because it might be taken as bitchy....  no, I am not trying to rhyme, it just came out that way, and if you know me, you know the kind of thing of which I speak.

I am going to use my personal little blog here to mention a few things that may or may not help others... at least I got them off my chest.  LOL!

Okay, I know we are a fun, lively group of diverse people, most of whom are horny little bitches and bastards who like to have hot, heavy sex on and off camera..... and we are all going to intermingle sometimes.  BUT I do kinda have an issue when people join the group PURELY planning on trying to get laid.  The kind of people who solely come into the chatroom to say, "Hey, I am horny, anyone want to fuck?" or the latest gem recently that had my eyes twitching, "psst any one wna doa 3 some".  You know, if you are looking to get laid, there are groups out there that I can direct you to that will make that happen FAR quicker.... hell, tell the other group that you are an SL pornstar and it will enhance your chances of getting laid.  lol

I might be a little old-school about my hosting (I have been doing it since 2006, and I was trained by the owners of the then-quite-often-#2 club in Second Life (on the foot traffic and Voting Booth listings) ) so maybe I am a bit of a stickler about this.  But if I may give a suggestion, please only spam the information and SLURL/LM of a party once an hour during the party?  Talk about it if you wish, but allow regular chatter to flow too....if the folks in the group decide not to come out, it is their decision and more spam is not going to change their minds, but rather might chase them further from showing, you know?

There are going to be moments when someone will just....vent.  It's all well and good, and sometimes can be educational when learning the ins and outs of life (both First and Second).  But when you come into the chatroom, dragging a massive piece of drama baggage behind you and flop it into the middle of the group, it's not so okay for all of us.  We are all over the age of 18 (or at least I HOPE so!), we all left high school.  And some of us actually DO mean it when we say we don't like drama (in my case, if I get drug into it, it physically makes me sick, literally. It weakens my immune system further, so it is totally NOT cool to me). 
If I may advise.....  if you get pissed off at someone within the group, take it up directly WITH that person in private, or feel free to talk amongst your favorite friends about it if you just need to vent.  If you feel the need to post about it in a blog or on Facebook and you know it will cause some ripples in the group, please consider typing it out on Wordpad on your computer hard drive, and hold off on sharing it for 24 hours (as I have done with this post actually..lol).  Consider the fact that it is not just you and the person you are pissed off with that will become involved, but a group of hundreds of people, most of whom only know you on reputation.  Is this how you want people to see you when they see your name on a movie or photo?

Oh and let me add this in, just because I can:
I am NOT popular, folks.  Yes, people know me because I am friendly and I am open.  This doesn't mean I am popular, it just means I talk alot in the group so people recognize my name as that warm, friendly chick that talks too much in the chat.  I can count on one hand how many films I have been in during the over 2 years I have been around you all.  I can count on boith hands how many people I have posed as a model for photos with (yes, I am picky, we all are allowed to be, get your panties out of a bunch).  Trust me, I am NOT going to be the best person to attempt to use as a stepping stone to become that big porn star that you envision becoming in this group.  

If you want to be my friend or lover, please be honest, caring, and real.  

Don't expect anything of me, unless you are willing to work your ass off to make it happen.  I am also the most scatterbrained, almost-unreliable person I know in this group.  I am always juggling 10 things in my head, and losing 5 of them in midair.  Ask anyone who I have promised to make poses for or do a photoshoot with and things got in the way..... I actually have someone attempting to manage me business-wise currently who probably considers throwing up her hands and giving up half the time, if she wasn't a stubborn beautiful person who has more faith in me than I do in myself.

Okay, all done rambling, I hope this at least helps those of us in the group who feel alone in their frustrations....  lol. Hell, maybe it will make some changes in behaviors happen. See, look, I said that last part with a straight face;)  lol

Lusty Regards,

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