Monday, October 21, 2013

Procrastination At Its Finest

I am trying to slowly but surely get into blogging, but the little weirdo in my head keeps procrastinating over and over.. LOL!  Well, better late than never, right?

Today I am going to do a meme challenge from October 6, by Strawberry Singh called "Your Avatar's Private Life".  Basically, the idea of the challenge is, what does your avatar do when your RL self clicks that X?

I had this whole idea of what Lea/Suff does when I am not online...  and I WAS going to do a shoot of Lea on the therapist's couch, because we all know that after all I put the poor thing through, she probably is on a slew of anti-psychotic medications and about ready to take the vacation at the p-hospital (it IS close to the time I start cracking down on Hunt for Your Inner Slut final prepwork).  But the guy I selected to be the therapist and I aren't on at the same times enough, so we are going to go with what she does at home when I am not online... which is read:)

I see the REAL Lea as kind of like the quiet version of myself... geeky, bookwormy, introverted.  I push her more out of her comfort zone, so when I am not online, she probably wanders the house, taking care of the plants and studying large tomes of books as well as romance novels where the heroine gets swept off her

There was a second half to this challenge, to blog about one of the closest friends in Second Life.  It's really hard to point out just one of the five people who I am closest to, because each of those people have held me together throughout the years, and I don't can't really choose WHICH of them is the "one closest"...  So, we will do it this way...

N: Two years ago, I almost had a RL nervous breakdown when I lost the one person in my blood family who was my best friend as well as the only one who really loved me (my mom).  My world completely shattered, but there was one person who not only helped me breathe through it and helped my RL husband by giving him support, but also who stayed WITH me even when my personality changed some because of the grieving process.  She's been with me for over three years now, and even though we don't see much of one another because of scheduling, she is still one of my staunchest supporters and who loves me no matter how weird I am:).

J: The ONLY person who loves me enough to sit down and tell me straight out when I am on the course to fucking up, and does it in a way that let's me know he is doing it because he does care.  I have had a few people who have asked me what I see in him, because they know him due to disagreements or negative word of mouth from people who he pissed off....  and I tell them the same thing that he probably says about me; He is one of the FEW REAL people on Second Life...and one of the only people I can seriously call a real friend, someone who would even be here IRL for me if I needed a friend, if it wasn't for that Pond;)

G: One of the few people that just calms me.  He's like my teddy  I can have a totally shitty day, he will log on, we will talk for about 5 sentences, and I am calm.  A huge disagreement, and a misunderstanding that someone else triggered, caused a year-long absence between us, and after we got over the first month of talking things out, we became stronger.  I guess we both just needed to have and give love, and that is what we are both good at with each other..  just exchanging that emotion that humans need to be healthy.

S: We are still learning one another, but already I count her as one of my closest people. She is like the hyperactive version of me somedays:)  Our pasts are way, way too much alike for us not to be close.... it's hard enough going through life being different, it's even harder when people will ASK why you are different..... after comparing stories, we don't even have to with one another, we just KNOW.  I feel at home with her, because of that....and because we share alot of the same feelings about other people in our SL lives:)

NP: THIS lady is just..  phenomenal.  She helps keep me grounded, and supports me through ALL the aspects of my life, even if I know she doesn't always approve of everything I do.  She's the only one allowed to really boss me around, because she's the only one I have given that permission to in SL (no, she is not my domme..LMAO!).  I got to know her first as a distant friend, but she has become one of my best friends without her or I even really realizing it:)  I seriously cannot imagine my life without her in it, I would probably be completely lost and wandering around naked and mismatching because of her being gone:)

I don't have a pic of all of these people and me together.....because they are all on at different times, and not all of them get along well together..LOL!  But I got that mental picture in my heart, and that is what matters, right?:)

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